Gold Club Casino Invite a friend

With all Gold Club Casino’s bonuses and promotions available, you might be wondering if there is yet another way that you can get more free credits without so much fuss. Then you are sure to relish all the rewards you can get for our ‘Invite a Friend’ promotion!

Live it up and share all our intense and exhilarating online casino games with your friends! By referring Club Gold Casino to your buddies, you can get amazing bonuses with every one that signs up! That’s free money credited straight into your bankroll just by sending out an email to your pals!

Here’s how our Clubbers Gold Casino ‘Invite a Friend’ promotion works:

  • To be eligible for this promotion, first you have to be a real money member in our casino. This means that you have an account with us, have deposited money into your bankroll, and have been able to play our thrilling online casino games. Click here to sign up for an account now!
  • After that, you can log-in to your account through our website or your downloaded software.
  • Click on our promotions page and select ‘Invite a Friend’.
  • There you will see an email template. All you have to do is fill out the fields correctly including the name and email address of the person that you’re inviting and press ‘send’ once you’re done.

You can send as much as five invites per month! Don’t miss your chance to spread the news of how awesome Gold Club Casino is and get a bonus along with it!

It only takes an email from you to get your buddies to discover the thrills and mind-blowing enjoyment that you can only find with our online casino games! As soon as the person that you have invited to play signs up, you’ll receive confirmation emails sent into your inbox as well as have a bonus credited into your account immediately!

You’re rewards don’t stop there! As soon as your referral makes their initial deposit into their account, you’ll be able to receive a percentage of any amounts they deposit! That’s more credits into your account straightaway absolutely free!

Not only will you gain income just by having your friends sign up, you’ll also be able to collect money once they make a deposit!

Participate in our ‘Invite a Friend’ promotion now!

Be sure to put in the correct name along with the email address that you put in when you send out your referral email to make sure that it is sent to the right person. If not, you will not be able to receive your referral bonus.

Club Gold Casino’s ‘Invite a Friend’ promotion expires after 30 days from the time that you send out your invitations. After which, you can resend your invitation to the same person.

So don’t waste another moment and start sending our invites now! The more people you get to join our online casino, the more online Gold Club Casino Games you can have the best time with totally free!

Last updated on November 18, 2013