Gold Club Casino Glossary

Engage yourselves with the thrills and excitement one could only get when playing online casino games. To have a more authentic feel in your enjoyment, here are a few terms that you can learn from out Gold Club Casino Glossary:

  • Club Gold Casino Affiliates – These are the marketing and promotions side to our online casino where anyone interested may join in to bring in traffic for our website.
  • Bankroll – This is a term that you use when you talk about the money that you have in your personal account.
  • Cashier – With our Club Gold Casino cashier, you can make financial transactions within your account like depositing and withdrawing money.
  • Comp Points – These are complimentary points that we give out to all the players as you enjoy all our online casino games.
  • Payment Methods – These are the options that you can choose to use when you make transactions with your account in our cashier.
  • Club Gold Casino Promotions – As a valued Clubbers Gold Casino member, we like to shower you all with perks and prizes. With our bonuses and promotions, we give out extra cash credits and more!
  • Responsible Gaming – This is a way of gaming that we encourage each of our players to keep your gaming as enjoyable and positive as possible.
  • Support – This is one of the extraordinary services that we offer you 24/7 to make your Club Gold Casino experience to be the best there is.

There are so much terms that you can easily pick up as you continue on playing all our incredible online casino games! Read here and check out more definitions at our Glossary page!

Gold Club Casino gives you all that you could ever look for to have the best time from the moment that you create an account with us. So come on and don’t miss out on the mind-blowing opportunities we have to have fun and win some cash!

Last updated on November 18, 2013