Twin Spin Slot

NetEnt brings you another winner with Twin Spin. At first glance it might look like some slot machine game from the 70s. It has all the same elements and icons that old slot machines have which can make you feel nostalgic. People wonder if it offers anything new. Fortunately it does.

The Twin Spin Slot is a modern take on classic slot machine games. The icons include letters, numbers, cherries, bells and the word ‘BAR’. What sets this game apart from other similar games is the twin spin feature.

The Twin Spin Feature

The Twin Spin feature makes getting 3 of the same kind easier to land since you will only need one more reel to display the same icons.  Some people call this feature the joint reel feature. It works like this; at every spin the game randomly selects 2 adjacent reels to have the same icons per line. That means if the value of the first selected reel is a cherry, 7 and another cherry, the reel right next to it will show exactly the same icons.

Other Features

Twin Spin Slot also has a wild icon that can replace any other icon on the reel. It usually appears on reels 2-5. There’s no way you can miss the wild icon because it has the world ‘Wild’ clearly spelled out.

You can play Twin Spin Slot using your mobile devices like Android phones, tablets, iPhones and iPads. The touch feature is very responsive and the graphics certainly pop out when played on a high resolution screen.

You can potentially win up to 135,000 with the Twin Spin game. This is probably why people still want to play this game even if it lacks the bonus games and other features that most modern slots game have.

When you play Twin Spin play with Bitcoin to withdraw and deposit easily. Bitcoin is a widely accepted form of payment that’s fast and convenient.

What’s Missing from Twin Spin Slot?

Unlike other slot games Twin Spin does not have scatters, bonus games and free spins. This irks a lot of players. Developers defend the features of Twin Spin as something that’s reminiscent of slot machines from the past. Therefore the game does not require any other added feature to make it great. Fans love the classic feel while those more accustomed to more modern slots games dislike it.