Highway Kings Slot

If you have ever gone on a road trip with your family you probably already know that big trucks are the kings of the highway. You’ll find these big trucks dominating the entire highway as they travel from coast to coast with their powerful engine and friendly truck drivers. They sometimes make you and your car look tiny.

Retro Game Feel

The game Highway Kings slot is inspired by these kings of the highway. The design of the game feels like something out of a computer from the late 80s to the early 90s. The symbols are cartoon-like and seem like a throwback from the clipart era of Windows OS.

The game is full of the different things you can see inside a truck and its engine. The symbols include a spark plug, a steering wheel, a pair of red dice, a wheel, an emergency gas container and a gas pump. None of the symbols gets animated even after you spin a winning combination.

The Special Symbols

Play Highway Kings Slot and you’ll feel like you are transported back in time. The Wild symbol is the red truck with a yellow bolt of thunder painted on the side. This picture is reminiscent of the kinds of trucks you see in the past. The wild symbol can replace all the other symbols except the scatter symbol. When you spin a wild symbol you can double your winnings.

The Scatter symbol is the truck’s muffler or that part of the car where smoke comes out from.  In some versions the scatter symbol is a pretty lady in a hat. When you reel in the 3 or more scatter symbol you can multiply your winnings easily. In some versions you will be directed to a truck racing bonus round where you can win free spins.

What You Can Win

Just because it has a retro feel doesn’t mean it has less prizes. With Highway Kings you can win up to 10,000 in prizes and lots of free spins to boot!

Try your luck and see how much you can win in this slots game.