December 2015 Promotions

We shall do our best to turn your holidays into golden and shining ones with the new Gold Club Casino December 2015 Promotions! With the fresh and hip casino bonus packages, your Gold Club Casino gaming endeavours will certainly shine for the coming of New Year!

Freshly Minted Golden Bonus Packages

Club Gold Casino caters to thousands upon thousands of avid online punters each day, but the casino still wants to expand more and make even more casino players happy. Come help us shower the world with golden casino fun and merriment!

Consequently, as part of the Club Gold Casino December 2015 Promotions event, this casino presents you with the fresh and chic casino bonuses packages! It mainly features a 100% match bonus of up to €200, including 100 Club Gold Casino FREE spins, on the maximum:

  • Golden Package No.1 – in this first level Club Gold Casino bonus, online players will be eligible for the promised 100% casino bonus amounting to a maximum of €200, plus 20 Free Spins. To illustrate, the conditions for this bonus are:
    • Deposit €20 (minimum) up to €200 (maximum), and be rewarded with 100% bonus cash PLUS 20 FREE Spins
  • Golden Package No.2 – in this second level Gold Club Casino promotions package, new signees will be eligible to get a 100% casino bonus of up to €200, plus 50 Free Spins. The conditions for this promo in detail are:
    • Deposit €201 (minimum) up to €500 and wager €50 (minimum), and you will get 100% free cash PLUS 50 FREE Spins
  • Golden Package No.3 – in this third level promo for the Club Gold Casino Download games, players will be qualified for a 100% match bonus of up to €200, plus 100 Free Spins. The details for this bonus are as follows:
    • Deposit €501 (minimum) and above and wager €100 (minimum), and you will be given 100% bonus cash up to €200, PLUS 100 FREE Spins

The new twists and perks on the casino promos definitely make Club Gold very enticing and hard to resist! With the new Gold Club December 2015 Promotions, even the Gold Club Casino review critiques will surely get the run for their money, don’t you agree?

We’re pretty sure you do! Come join us now in plenty of Golden Club Casino FUN!